Online Volounteer Moderator

Hello, I’m Romain, I’m 23 years old and I live in France. I’m a moderator for some places arround Discord, Twitch and Reddit. I play a lot to Nintendo games, mostly Mario and Zelda games. Sometimes I do streams on my Twitch channel and I do sometimes speedruns of Mario games.

My plans are to serve as much as I can communities of different domains/streamers by putting almost all of my free time to moderating. Moderating is one of my hobbies so I’d be happy to assist if you’re in need of someone experimented. (See the Moderation page for more information)

If you need my services, feel free to contact me, please note that I may reserve to decline a moderator position at my own discretion, I don’t have any minimum or maximum threshold for the size of a community, but all is on a case-by-case basis. Put as much informations as possible about your online community and expectations.

Got it? Then feel free to leave me a message via one of those below!

(Replying in general under 24 hours but with external factors that can be longer. (up to a few days))

Last Updated: 9 months ago