On this page, you can have a look to the different communities that I’m moderating for and past moderator experiences.

I started to take moderating as a hobby since 2019 and served over thousands of peoples accross multiples sites! Being a moderator for me isn’t just to make sure rules and stuff are followed by peoples, it’s also being engaged with the community and hear their expectations. And most importantly, sharing good moments with them.


  • Moderator of r/mariokart – community with 92k members – Moderating since May 2021.
  • Head Moderator of r/Mario– community with 91k members – Moderating since August 2021.
  • Moderator of r/altcoin_news – community with 32k members – Moderating since July 2021.
  • Head Moderator of r/SuperMarioMaker2– community with 9k members – Moderating since August 2021.
  • Head Moderator of r/MarioKart8Deluxe – community with 8k members – Moderating since November 2020.
  • Moderator of r/Bowser– community with 400 members – Moderating since September 2021.
  • Moderator of r/DiscordModeration – community with 300 members – Moderating since July 2021.


  • Chat moderator for Pidgey – Twitch Partner with 3K followers and 100 avg. viewers.
  • Chat moderator for Keith_90 – Twitch Affiliate with 5K followers and 10 avg. viewers.
  • Chat moderator for Mchan338 – Twitch Affiliate with 1K followers and 5 avg. viewers.


  • Server admin on NSMBW Speedrunning – community with 800 members – Moderating since May 2019.
  • Moderator of Mario Kart – community with 19K members – Moderating since September 2021.

Past moderator experiences

  • Site staff of – community with 800K members – Moderating from October 2019 to May 2021.
  • Twitch chat moderator volounteer for Summer Games Done Quick 2021 – From July 4 to July 11 2021.

To summarize, I’ve a pretty strong moderation experience and have a good use of the different moderation tools of Twitch, Reddit and Discord. So if you need someone who enjoy what he’s doing and someone experimented for your community, I’m happy to say you’ve find the good person!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns

Last Updated: 8 months ago